2017-2022 Bond Program
2017-2022 Bond

In May 2016, the City of San Antonio reached the four year mark into the 2012 Bond Program and is on track for substantial completion. Transportation & Capital Improvements has been meeting and reviewing projects received over the past few years from City departments, Mayor and City Council Offices, public and private agencies, as well as residents.

The 2017 Bond Program is anticipated to be $850 Million and potentially include five community bond committees:

2017 Bond Committee Report & recommendations

2017 Bond Committee Final recommended projects List


In a recent San Antonio Express-News article written by David Hendricks, the City of San Antonio was recognized for having a AAA bond rating.

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CITY OF San antonio's First Affordable Housing Bond

In a recent Texas Public Radio interview, City officials talk about Neighborhood Improvements as part of the proposed 2017 Bond Program.

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sa tomorrow

By 2040, our city is expected to receive over 1 million additional people. SA Tomorrow is an innovative, three-prong planning effort to guide the city toward smart, sustainable growth. We invite you to learn more about SA Tomorrow at www.satomorrow.com.

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2017-2022 Bond Program

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