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  Current agendas are posted for Council Committees as they become available. For information on accessing previous agendas please contact the support staff for the respective committee.   Regular meeting dates & times are subject to change.  
  Area of Oversight: Provides guidance to and oversight of the Office of the City Auditor in the performance of its responsibilities, including setting the schedule for and reviewing municipal audits; a subcommittee will be responsible for review of High Profile Contracts. Their charge is to promote a culture of improvement, integrity, accountability and trust in the performance of City operations and functions.
  Comprehensive Plan
  Area of Oversight: Oversees the update of the City’s comprehensive planning process and SA Tomorrow, including the sustainability and transportation plans.
  Criminal Justice, Public Safety and Services
  Area of Oversight: Responsible for establishing policies and programs relating to law enforcement and the effective implementation of municipal ordinances promoting a safe, secure and sanitary city. The committee oversees the Public Facilities and Safety component of the Comprehensive Plan.
  Economic and Human Development
  Area of Oversight: Oversees issues related to education, workforce development, and growth of the local economy, including expansion and retention of existing businesses and attraction of new investments supporting all local industries, including military and tourism.
  Area of Oversight: Responsible for proposing, reviewing and referring new policy initiatives and items at the direction of the Mayor.
  Area of Oversight: Oversees issues relating to availability, affordability and financing of housing units and also addresses homelessness, including veterans’ homelessness. The committee will ensure that the Housing element of the Comprehensive Plan is implemented.
  Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee
  Area of Oversight: Policies related to federal, State and local agencies, proposed legislation, representation contracts, and grant opportunities; A subcommittee of Governance
  Neighborhoods and Livability
  Area of Oversight: Oversees policies relating to the design, protection and enhancement of the natural and built environment as part of the San Antonio’s sustainable urban growth. The committee is responsible for the Growth and Urban Form, Green and Health Neighborhoods, Historic Preservation, Natural Resources and Environment and Sustainability elements of the Comprehensive Plan.
  Transportation, Technology and Utilities
  Area of Oversight: Considers policies and programs to improve the infrastructure supporting San Antonio’s physical and economic development, including fast, reliable, multimodal transportation and communications networks. The Committee is responsible for ensuring implementation of the Transportation and Connectivity elements of the Comprehensive Plan. The committee also oversees issues relating to San Antonio’s public and private utility providers, including SAWS and CPS Energy.