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San Antonio is a city on the rise, having established itself as a diverse, progressive and globally-competitive city with a solid vision for national and international economic development. In 2014, Forbes named San Antonio the “Best City in the Southwest” for adults ages 18-34 for its dynamic economy, employment opportunities and affordable living. As the seventh-largest city in the United States, San Antonio continues to experience solid economic growth and has been successful in continuously attracting new businesses and helping existing companies grow.

In 2014, San Antonio’s economy remained steady and prosperous, supported by the City of San Antonio’s strong financial position with a “AAA” general obligation bond rating from all three major rating agencies, and by growth in 21st century industries such as bioscience, aerospace, cyber security and healthcare, which contribute billions to the local economy. With nearly 30 million visitors coming to San Antonio each year, more than $12 billion is generated annually - making the travel industry a vital asset to the city’s economic health.

San Antonio has also positioned itself at the forefront of the New Energy Economy in the United States, committed to investing and creating employment opportunities in green industries. Forbes named San Antonio as the top city for America’s New Brainpower Cities in 2014.

Guided by four principle Core Values of Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation and Professionalism, the City of San Antonio – with nearly 12,000 employees – is a major driving force to San Antonio’s success as a leading city for the new face of America. As an organization of public service professionals, the City of San Antonio works to provide residents and visitors with professional, productive, creative and ethical service.

It is our commitment to demonstrate each and every day the Excellence in all WE do!

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