FY2015 Adopted Annual Operating and Capital Budget (PDF)
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City of San Antonio Budget Overview

The City passed an operating and capital budget of $2.3 billion in FY2014 that invested in high priority services that are important to the quality of life of all residents of San Antonio. The City continued its commitment to address the City Council and community's priorities including Public Safety, Streets and Sidewalks, Animal Care, Neighborhood Revitalization, Parks and Recreation and Economic Development.

Through improved service delivery, service modifications, and reduced administrative overhead, the City realized approximately $10 million in General Fund service efficiencies in the FY 2014 Adopted Budget. The identified savings and efficiencies allowed the City to invest in other high priority services.

The efficiencies adopted with the FY2014 Budget allowed for improvements to service delivery designed to meet the challenges of our growing City. The budget invested over $15 million in General Fund improvements that focused on service priorities critical to the community such as Police, Fire, Streets and Sidewalks, Senior Services, Neighborhood Reinvestment and Economic Development. Additionally, the City’s Property Tax rate of 56.569 cents per $100 of valuation was not increased.

Financial reserves of nine percent of General Fund Expenditures to be utilized to meet unforeseen operations or capital needs, and to assist the City in managing fluctuations in available General Fund resources from year to year, were successfully maintained.

FY 2014 ADOPTED BUDGET: $988,257,072