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The Office of Management & Budget is responsible for providing City departments with fiscal planning, analysis, and management services to enable the City organization to provide City services in accordance with the policies, goals and objectives established by the City Manager and the City Council. The department coordinates the preparation of the City’s Operating & Capital Budgets. The Department’s commitment is to provide professional and quality services to the City.

Budget Staff

Office of the Director
Budget Director  Justina Tate  
Assistant Director   Monica Ramos
Assistant Director   Zack Kuentz
Assistant to the Director  Edward Tapia
Executive Secretary  Guadalupe Curiel
Budget Development, Monitoring & Administration
Budget Managers  Anna Resendez

 Phil Laney
   Scott Swindler
Budget & Management Analysts  Amanda Ortega   
             Audrey Rivera       
   Daisy Castillo
   Eryanne McKenna            
   Jonathan Bates            
   Josh Chronley       
   Lauren Eubanks      
   Lauren Kesselring           
   Michael Maldonado              
   Simon Nicholson       
Management Fellow                         

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