Center City Development & Operations Department

The Center City Development Office offers various educational opportunities and placemaking initiatives for those interested in learning more about the growth and opportunities within our center city. If you would like to request that Center City present to your group on the investment, growth and exciting happenings in center city, please contact Colleen Swain.

Ticketless Payment Option Now Available in City Parking Facilities

As part of ongoing efforts to make City-owned parking lots and garages more convenient and accessible, customers can now use a new ticketless parking payment system. This system gives users the choice to forgo taking a paper ticket when entering a City-owned parking garage or lot. Instead, users may swipe their credit card upon entering the facility, and swipe again when exiting to pay for parking.

“We are committed to making our downtown parking facilities more user-friendly, and this upgraded payment system helps us meet that goal,” said Lori Houston, Assistant City Manager. “The ticketless payment option is quick, convenient, reduces paper waste -- and more importantly, means you never have to worry about a lost or misplaced ticket again.”

Ticketless parking payment systems are now in place in the Houston Street, St. Mary’s,
Convention Center, and Library Garages, along with Dolorosa and Market Square

For Houston Street Garage only:  All patrons receiving validations at Houston Street Garage should continue to take a paper ticket, rather than use the ticketless payment option.  Parking validations can only be used with paper tickets at this facility. 

Click here for Ticketless instructions.

For more information about City-owned parking facilities, please refer to

Travis Park Concept Plan

The City of San Antonios Center City Development Office engaged Project for Public Spaces Inc. (PPS) to assist the City, the community and area stakeholders to create a vision and concept plan for Travis Park. Initial meetings were held in March 2013. PPS hosted an open house in May 2013 to present the draft concept plan to the public and stakeholders. At this event, the public provided feedback about the concept plan and additional uses for the park. An updated concept plan, based on feedback from the public open house and follow-up survey, was released in June of 2013.

The revitalization of Travis Park was sparked by a placemaking grant from Southwest Airlines to the City of San Antonio to support the city’s placemaking efforts and engage the local community through new physical amenities and programming. In addition to the placemaking grant, the City has also undertaken a number of maintenance and improvement projects to enhance the experience at Travis Park, one of the oldest municipal parks in the country. The park has been rebranded and now features a calendar of regular programming and special events, such as movies and fitness in the park to attract locals, workers, and visitors alike.

Travis Park is strategically located adjacent to the St. Anthony Hotel and near the new Tobin Performing Arts Center, and has the opportunity to be a great urban destination that is historic, dynamic, and contemporary at the same time. In order to continue the investment and community support of the historic park, the San Antonio Parks Foundation is assisting to identify additional partnership and funding opportunities to further support the overall concept plan developed by PPS.

We invite the public to visit and enjoy all the exciting programming and special events taking place at the new Travis Park!

Brownfields Program

On May 28, 2015, the City of San Antonio was notified that the EPA selected the City of San Antonio for a Brownfields Community Wide Assessment Grant in an amount of $400,000 over the next three years to be awarded October 1, 2015.  The City will receive $200,000 for hazardous substance assessments and $200,000 for petroleum assessments.  Funds can be used to conduct Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, to develop clean-up plans (Phase III), and to conduct community outreach.  The grant applies to three targeted areas: Guadalupe Westside, Eastpoint, and River South.  For more information contact Sarah Esserlieu.