Development Services Department - Code Enforcement Services
Teams & Units

Field enforcement units

The enforcement of most minimum property maintenance requirements is the responsibility of field units located across the city. Field units consist of between eight and ten code enforcement officers/dangerous premises officers and are overseen by a code enforcement supervisor. The supervisors' contact information is located on the right. For more information on the coverage area for each of the field units, visit the Maps section.

Org Chart

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Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET)

The Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) is a team of proactive code enforcement officers dedicated to coordinated code investigations and special projects with special emphasis on highly traveled areas throughout the City's main district corridors and inner city reinvestment areas.

  • Five officers are currently assigned to the unit
  • Concentrate efforts cleaning up the top five most frequently observed violations
    • Violations may consist of overgrown yards
    • Items discarded in yards
    • Junk vehicles
    • Overgrown vacant lots
    • Abandoned houses
  • Coordinates clean-ups of home where elderly or disabled citizens may need a helping hand removing old discarded items
  • Tools are available to loan to citizens through our Community Tool Shed program
    • Rakes
    • Shovels
    • Loppers
    • Wheelbarrows
    • Weed Eaters
    • Lawnmowers

If you are interested in borrowing tools, contact the Community Tool Shed at 210.207.4084 or email the Tool Shed Team. A completed application and release form is required to use the tools.

Zoning & Permit enforcement TEAM

The team is comprised of Code Enforcement Officers who respond to complaints directly from citizens, the Development Services Center or the 311 customer service line.

There are eight Code Enforcement Officers assigned to the team – five officers to enforce zoning and building permit violations and three officers to enforce the licensing of the following:


Community Tool Shed