Development Services Department - Code Enforcement Services

What is an Abatement?

Code Enforcement Team is responsible for health and safety relating to vegetation and debris on lots and for unoccupied, unsecured buildings within the City limits.

When a code violation is identified and the owner has not taken action to correct it, the City of San Antonio can step in and correct the violation, without prior notice to the owner. This is called abatement—defined as to doing away with a problem considered a public or private nuisance or a problem posing a health and/or safety risk. .

The City Code authorizes the City to summarily abate the following:

  • Lots with vegetation over twelve (12) inches high and that are within 1,000 feet of a school/daycare OR  
  • Lots with vegetation higher than 48 inches and that pose an immediate danger to health, life, or safety
  • Demolishing or boarding up vacant homes, dangerous/unsecured structures
  • Towing junked vehicles