Mailing Address

Development Services Dept
Code Enforcement Unit
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, Texas

Request for Code Services

Residents: 311
   Outside: (210) 207 6000

Office Phone Numbers

Phone: (210) 207 7881
FAX: (210) 207 0199

Training and Education

Departmental Publications & Documents

City Training Opportunities

Click here to request a presentation from a Code Enforcement Officer or call Training Officer Albert Mora at (210) 207-4453.

Enforcement of Other City Codes

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Health Department - Environmental Issues and Hazards

Links to Other Information
Department of Community Initiatives - Fair Housing Program
International Code Council (ICC)
City of San Antonio Code of Ordinances (Municode)

Bexar County Appraisal District (BCAD)
The Code Enforcement Association of Texas (CEAT)
American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE)
Bexar County Resolution Center

Code Vignettes - More to Come
Front Yard Parking
Donation Containers
Garage Sales
Vacant Lots
Bandit Signs

General Complaint-Driven Code Inspection Process

  1. Complaints may be submitted using the 311 system or the online reporting process.
  1. Reports may be anonymous or a name and contact method can be left if the complainant wishes to make contact with the area officer.
  1. The officer must perform his or her initial inspection in accordance with the Department’s required response time (Service Level Agreement or SLA).
  1. The officer conducts an inspection for the complaint and any other visible violations in plain sight and documents the inspection results.
  1. An attempt to contact the occupant of the property is conducted in order to issue a notice in person.  If no one is available a notice is sent to the property owner by certified or first class mail depending on the ordinance requirement. ***
  1. After the required compliance expiration date has elapsed, a second inspection is conducted to check for status. 
  1. If the violations have been removed the case is closed.   If the violations remain and no contact with the tenant or owner has been made, the officer may file a criminal case in Municipal Court or a civil case before the Building Standards Board.
  1. If an officer is able to make contact with the tenant or owner and a plan to comply is presented, the officer can work with the person to reach compliance in a timely manner.

*** Under certain instances, such as bandit signs, parking violations, peddlers, yard sales, annual notice violations, repeat offenders or dumping violations; a municipal court, administrative hearing or building standards board referral can be accomplished.