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Development Services Dept
Code Enforcement Unit
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, Texas

Request for Code Services

Residents: 311
   Outside: (210) 207 6000

Office Phone Numbers

Phone: (210) 207 7881
FAX: (210) 207 0199

Dangerous Premises Unit

DP Unit Addresses concerns regarding vacant and dilapidated structures.

The Dangerous Premises Unit is made up of 12 Dangerous Premises Officers and one Supervisor. The Unit is specifically assigned to address concerns regarding unoccupied and dilapidated structures. These structures often threaten the health and safety of surrounding neighborhoods because they attract vagrants and illegal activity and they often become home to rodents and snakes. Many of these structures are potentially unsafe and because of the lack of maintenance, they become dilapidated to the point of potentially collapsing. Depending on the condition of the structure, the structure may be cleaned and secured; or demolished by the City at the owner's expense.

Danny Liguez, Code Enforcement Supervisor (210) 207-3904

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Scope of Work and Example

Amanda Esparza, Liaison (210) 207-5422

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