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Development Services Dept
Code Enforcement Unit
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, Texas

Request for Code Services

Residents: 311
   Outside: (210) 207 6000

Office Phone Numbers

Phone: (210) 207 7881
FAX: (210) 207 0199

Graffiti - Kids

For kids | For teachers

For kids

What's the difference between art and graffiti? Learn a lesson with Gonzo, print and color the Gonzo sheet to learn how art is smart!

For teachers

Would you like to coordinate a graffiti awareness campaign for your class or school? Representatives from the City would be glad to teach your students about how they can reduce and remove graffiti in their community. 

Just call Code Enforcement Division, 207-BUFF, to learn more about this program or schedule a visit.

Also, use the Graffiti Hurts® Teacher Guide to educate those most at risk before they become involved with graffiti.

This teacher-tested curriculum supplement provides students with an opportunity to develop a sense of respect and responsibility for their surroundings. Grade 3-5 students will also learn to understand why graffiti is harmful to them, their neighborhood, and their community.

Visit the web pages below to learn more about the curriculum supplement and download a sample lesson to try in your classroom.

The Graffiti Hurts® curriculum supplement

Try a Sample Lesson

Order a Graffiti Hurts® curriculum supplement