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The purpose of the page is to list customer appreciation, testimony, and feedback.


Customer Testimony
John Williamson, Boerne TX I have never experienced a government run entity more efficient, friendly, or helpful.
Customer Testimony
Joanna Ramirez SA, TX Great customer service from every employee I came in contact with. Keep up the awesome Customer Service. Loved how fast I was in and out. Thank you!
Edward Ford  SA, TX Excellent service, In and out. Greeted with great care and educated along the way of the process.
Scott  SA, TX Everyone was extremely helpful. I almost felt as I was in a privately owned business and a customer.
Vicki Harris  SA, TX All the people we spoke with were friendly & performed their jobs expeditiously & professionally. Thank you!
Michele Gutierrez  SA, TX Everyone was so friendly and helpful. There were a lot of people applying for passports & the Office of the City Clerk processed everyone promptly & with a smile.
Albert C. Ellis  SA, TX Very fast, efficient and friendly service. I had a very pleasant experience.
Jose Leal Everyone was very sweet, fast and explained everything clearly. Excellent service, very friendly.
Emily Bueche SA, TX Very courteous and helpful from beginning to end. #FAST! #FAST!
Kathy Gueliel SA, TX The people here are very helpful & very nice and the office was clean & pleasant. Above average on helpfulness.
Kenneth Stanton Cibolo, TX I was in and out in not time. This made my day!
Date Customer Testimony
3/30/2014 Virginia Van Cleave, San Antonio You are a miracle worker! the passport I went an ordered on March 17th came back already today March 29th. It was not expedited, but your magic touch is all it took. Now I need to schedule a trip! THANK YOU! Viva Fiesta!!
01/28/2014 Amy Patterson, San Antonio The Vital Records Division is very efficient.
01/28/2014 Christopher Chapman, San Antonio Thank you! Great, friendly, and wonderful experience (Vital Records Division)
01/28/2014 Desiree, San Antonio Great service, Rose Ann was very helpful
01/24/2014 Tabatha Omlid, San Antonio Very helpful and corrected errors from another office which saved us time from having to drive all the way up to Austin.
1/20/2014 Esther Ruiz, San Antonio Rose went the extra mile for us by persuading us to complete the form instead of returning back later. Roland made us feel relaxed and fixed our mistakes. He was friendly and very efficient.
1/07/2014 Alicia Walker, San Antonio Excellent customer service, staff was professional, courteous, much better than U.S.P.S.
Date Customer Testimony
11/27/2013 Michelle Gonzales, San Antonio Thank you Gus! Great service and very knowledgeable.
11/27/2013 Mayumi Netz, San Antonio Jacquelyn is awesome, great customer service.
11/26/2013 Mary Esther Bernal, San Antonio Excellent presentation by the City Clerk, Leticia M. Vacek and her assistant. The City of San Antonio is to be commended for having this service provided by the City Clerk's Office.
11/26/2013 Virginia Van Cleve, San Antonio I thought it was creative to add new revenue sources in your office.
11/25/2013 Lizabeth Trujillo, San Antonio Excellent and quick Passport Service and the clerk was very respectful.
11/08/2013 Marco Jimenez, San Antonio Staff was very helpful and friendly.
11/08/2013 Molly Santos, Laredo TX Denice Trevino and Amy Doege were very nice, pleasant, and competent employees.
11/08/2013 Esteban, San Antonio I did not expect the passport service to be so fast and courteous, awesome staff.
11/8/2013 Hernandez Family, San Antonio Rose, thank you so much for being so helpful, outstanding service.
09/21/2013 Nancy McLarry, President Genealogical Society of Kendall County

The Municipal Archives & Records Presentation to the Genealogical Society of Kendall County was very interesting-loved it. Leticia M. Vacek, City Clerk was a guest speaker at the Genealogical Society of Kendall County Meeting. Leticia presented a Powerpoint on the Maintenance and Preservation of Records.

09/09/2013 Janice Tarango, San Antonio Rose was very nice and knowledgeable. She made our experience a positive one, thank you!
08/29/2013 Raymond Gonzales Jr., San Antonio I had a great experience with the Passport Division, I like their knowledge, speed, and kindness.
Date Customer Testimony
08/4/2012 Frank Perry, San Antonio I cannot adequately express Eleanor's and my delight to have met and spent the time with you two wonderful public servants today (Leticia M. Vacek, City Clerk and Tina J. Flores, Assistant City Clerk). You are making a significant mark on the quality of our fantastically historic city. It is so refreshing to have "discovered" you today. If you have a need for anything I can do voluntarily to assist, please feel free to call on me.
03/05/2012 Chris Weaving, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK The maps you provided are absolutely beautiful, thank you.
02/09/2012 Craig Poole, Omaha, NE Thank you ever so much, I made the connection to our family, James is a 6th cousin 2 times removed, and it has made a lot of family members happy....Thank you!! The information provided was for Mayor J. Edwin Kuyendall.
01/17/2012 Jerry Turner, Fort Worth Tx Thank you so much for your assistance in researching my distant relatives living in Bexar County. You gave me the "know how" to use the data available on-line. Thank for your special tour of the Municipal Archives & Records Facility and thanks for your dedication to preserving history for future generations.