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Published on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales supports motion and votes to approve Go Rio San Antonio for new Riverwalk barge contract

CONTACT: George "Jorge" Estevez


SAN ANTONIO (MAY 25, 2017)-- In an effort to procure a multi-million dollar, 10-year concessions contract with the City of San Antonio to maintain and operate the new San Antonio Riverwalk barges, Go Rio San Antonio and San Antonio River Cruises have stood out as the most formidable contenders with high-scoring experience and qualification proposals. Scored by an independent-based evaluation committee--with a focus on components such as economic impact, local preference, and the SBEDA council acquisition policy--city staff recommended the second-place proposal, San Antonio River Cruises, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chicago-based Entertainment Cruises, as most qualified to acquire the barge contract. At the end of the May 25th City Council Special Session, Mayor Ivy Taylor and nine council members voted to grant Go Rio San Antonio the barge contract.

Councilwoman Gonzales was among those who supported a motion and voted to approve Go Rio San Antonio as most qualified based on three overriding criteria:

"It is clear that Go Rio will produce greater economic returns to the city by proposing a significantly higher Minimum Annual Guarantee, $73 Million over $45 million, resulting in $28 million higher revenues to the city. Both proposals exhibited the capacity to operate and maintain the barges and deploy their locally-based programming, but Go Rio more fully considered the local preference and SBEDA policies, given the 51% ownership of two highly-qualified Hispanic businesswomen."

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