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Published on Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Councilwoman Viagran’s response to shootings in Sutherland Springs and on Briggs Ave at New Laredo Highway

CONTACT: Susy Romero, (210) 207-7066

SAN ANTONIO (November 7, 2017) — “I have run out of ways to convey the sadness and frustration I feel in the wake of this unconscionable, senseless violence. I cannot imagine the sense of loss the victims’ families must be feeling. On behalf of all San Antonians, I extend my deepest sympathy and love to our neighbors in Sutherland Springs. We stand with you, ready to help in any way we can.

12 hours before First Baptist Church was attacked, another young child, innocent as can be, was killed by another coward with a gun. Three year old Rene Blancas was shot while sitting in the backseat of his family's car in an apparent road rage incident. A bullet fired into the back of the car went through the trunk and into his head. My heart aches for his family, who could do nothing to prevent the death of their son. 

For the 307th time in 309 days, our country has been fallen victim to a mass shooting. Once again, we’ve seen the face of a true evil that, by all accounts, is unique to our country and infects every community. Every day, more than 90 Americans are killed by a gun - seven of those are children and teens. Every month in the United States, 50 women are shot to death by their partner. 300 million Americans are relying on their elected leaders to do something - anything - to stem the growing tide of innocent lives we're losing every single day.”

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Author: Cambri Ensminger (GPA)

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