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Published on Monday, November 06, 2017

Councilman Pelaez responds to Sutherland Springs mass shooting

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SAN ANTONIO (November 6, 2017) — “I am heartbroken and outraged over the senseless murder of more than two dozen peaceful church-goers in Sutherland Springs, Texas. I join many of you in offering up prayers and support to our neighbors who lost their friends, family members, and their children. 

However, after yet another mass shooting, it is well past the time we take a hard look at gun violence in America. Thoughts and prayers will only go so far, they must be accompanied by action. That starts by calling your state and federal elected officials and demanding sensible gun laws. 

Mass shootings are uniquely American and, unfortunately, have become the new normal. No country gets to call itself “great” or “civilized” if it refuses to acknowledge an epidemic that kills thousands of its own citizens each year. 

Some may object to my comments as politicizing a tragedy, or say it’s in poor taste to discuss guns so soon after this horrible incident, but I refuse to have my children live in a society where mass shootings are commonplace; where churches, schools, concert-venues, and other public places have become killing fields.”

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Author: Cambri Ensminger (GPA)

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