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Published on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

City of San Antonio and Geekdom Announce Launch of CivTechSA

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At a glance:

  • The City of San Antonio and Geekdom have announced the creation and launch of CivTechSA, a civic innovation program for the Alamo City
  • The program will connect local government with tech and entrepreneurial communities to acknowledge and resolve city challenges and facilitate growth of the startup ecosystem – the environment needed to increase the number of local startups and develop current startups
  • Additional anticipated benefits include attracting workforce, creating entrepreneurial solutions, cultivating local talent, and combatting “brain drain”

SAN ANTONIO (Nov. 14, 2017) – The City of San Antonio’s Office of Innovation and Geekdom announced today the creation of  CivTechSA, a unique civic innovation program, designed to connect local government with the tech and entrepreneur community of San Antonio and will be funded as included in the City’s 2018 adopted budget. 

“To further expand the City’s capacity for innovation, we’ve created a program that facilitates synergy between Geekdom’s resources and City staff to develop solutions to community challenges that would not have been possible in silos.  This program will develop future tech leaders who are civically-engaged and empowered to help their community, as well as to enhance an entrepreneurial, tech mindset in City staff,” City Manager Sculley said. 

CivTechSA will serve as a tool in the development and retention of our existing and future workforce by engaging with the students and tech community in a wide variety of programs, events, and hands-on opportunities that promote careers in the San Antonio civic and tech sectors.  

“The short-term benefits – creative solutions to City challenges – are great, but it’s the long-term benefits that have us most excited.  Growing the startup ecosystem, fostering civic engagement, and helping our local talent develop deeper roots into San Antonio are at the core of what we want to achieve.” Dax Moreno, Geekdom Director of Programs & Ecosystem Development said.

With a mission of collaboratively solving various city challenges and facilitating the growth of our local startup ecosystem, the CivTechSA program will capitalize upon tech talent in four developmental stages: Junior High and High School (6th-12th grade students), College & University, Entrepreneurs, and Startups.

In its inaugural year, Geekdom and the City have set goals for the program to:

  • Select two to three startups for the residency program for startup companies to embed within and work alongside City department staff to address a challenge
  • Begin residencies, following selection
  • Host a Code-A-Thon – an intense, sprint-like event, typically between forty-eight to seventy-two hours, that brings together entrepreneurs and computer programmers to build software solutions that addresses a community challenge
  • Launch partnerships with universities and STEM high schools

The anticipated benefits of CivTechSA include attracting workforce, creating entrepreneurial solutions, cultivating local talent, combatting brain drain, growing the startup ecosystem, and creating an opportunity for expanded services from the tech community to the City.

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