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Published on Wednesday, April 11, 2018


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On Equal Pay Day and on the heels of last week’s CPS Energy Board appointee vote, the Gender Equity Rule’s time has come

SAN ANTONIO (April 11, 2018) — Yesterday was Equal Pay Day, it marked the time women have to work into the new year to achieve the same level of pay that men earned in the previous year. Yesterday also marked the day that Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales refiled a request for a rule that establishes Gender Equity in City Boards and Commissions.

 Women represent 51% of the city’s population, yet they currently hold only 38% of City board and commission seats. The City’s boards and commissions cannot continue to be filled without due consideration of existing gender inequality Councilmembers rely on their appointees to provide a cross section of experiences, perspectives, skills and knowledge.  The gender equity gap results in a loss of talent, points of view, and the intelligence and energy that fuel smart decisions.

 This gap came into stark relief last week when the Council voted on the approval of a new CPS Energy trustee. The issue refocused attention on the need to carefully examine the gender composition of the City’s boards and commissions.

The Councilwoman believes it is the Council’s responsibility to ensure that fair and equal gender perspectives are applied to all aspects of policy advice, development and implementation. The significant gender gap can no longer be ignored.

 Gonzales’ Council Consideration Request (CCR) asks that the City’s governance committee forward the CCR to the full Council for consideration. This is the second time that she issues a Gender Equity CCR.

 “We cannot afford to ask women to wait our turn,” Gonzales said. “It is time to adopt and implement a gender equity rule for board and commission appointments.”

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Author: Cambri Ensminger (GPA)

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