Volunteer to Wipeout Graffiti!


City Hall
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283
Office Line: 210.207.7281

Constituent Office
5102 Old Pearsall Road
San Antonio, TX 78242
Field Office Line: 210.207.0880

E-mail District 4


  • Tim Salas
    Chief of Staff, 210.207.7058
  • Yojani Hernandez
    Director of Constituent Services, 210.207.0880
  • Raul Olveda
    Director of Zoning and Development, 210.207.0881
  • Ana Galindo
    Senior Executive Secretary
  • Ismael Herrera
    Constituent Services & Volunteer Coordinator
  • Rosana Galaviz
    Constituent Services and Special Projects Manager
  • Edward Mungia
    Constituent Services & Special Projects Manager

Administrators review CRM graffiti complaints and select/create a location for graffiti cleanup.

The web application will solicit volunteers for the graffiti cleanup with the site allowing a predefined maximum number of volunteers per graffiti site. The SiteStatus field is used to display 3 different states:

  1. Open (Green)- individuals can volunteer to help clean up a site.
  2. Filled (Blue)- volunteer sign up has reached capacity for site and doesn't need any more volunteers.
  3. Completed (Gold)- graffiti site clean up has been completed. This uses a map service.