Our Neighborhood

I want to personally invite you to our neighborhood and neighborhoods in District 5, where you will find the heart of what San Antonio means for many of its residents. Many, who were raised in our city, have incredible memories of growing up in the Westside and Southside of San Antonio. Our neighborhoods have the design for the kind of modern infrastructure that can transform cities into communities where everyone has the chance to live comfortably. People want to increase and enjoy neighborhood walkability, bike lanes, wider sidewalks, accessible public transportation, and streets designed to calm traffic. Our constituents need affordable housing in neighborhoods that have easy access to stores, eateries, healthcare centers, and pharmacies that meet people's basic needs. They need schools, libraries, and parks where children and families can learn, improve their health, and have fun. Being able to live near places of worship is also an important aspect of living in a vibrant neighborhood. District 5 is home to some of the city's most historic and beautiful sites. It has a unique culture that you will not find anywhere else, and it is kept alive with the help of very kind and loving neighbors. As Councilwoman, my goal is to continue helping District 5 evolve into a part of the city where vibrant neighborhoods and complete streets are standard.

Early Life and Upbringing

Shirley Gonzales was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, who started their own business in the heart of the West Side. She was raised to appreciate her family's culture, which she shares with many residents of District 5. Her fondest childhood memories were visits to the popular District landmarks like the Malt House, visits to downtown, and walks along the Commerce and Buena Vista corridors. Shirley is an avid cyclist, and she enjoys spending time with her family at District 5 parks..

Education and Career Accomplishments

Shirley attended Ursuline Academy and went on to earn both a Bachelor and Master’s degree from the School of Business at St. Mary’s University. She has been working in her family-owned business for 20 years and enjoys being a strong corporate leader in supporting educational institutions and organizations making a difference in her neighborhood. 


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