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The Department of Planning and Community Development’s Division of Grants Monitoring and Administration (GMA) is the trustee of federal entitlement funds allocated to the City of San Antonio by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

San Antonio is considered an entitlement community which receives federal allocations based on a formula.

GMA takes the lead in developing the City's 

  • Five-Year Consolidated Plan
  • Annual Consolidated Plan/Budget
  • Consolidated Plan Annual Performance Report (CAPER). 

GMA has the primary responsibility for administering and monitoring the CDBG and HOME grants. 

The City’s Department of Human Services (DHS) provides oversight of the ESG and HOPWA programs.  

GMA provides the below to support City Department programs and Sub-recipient agencies with compliance with federal regulations.

  • grant administration
  • budgeting
  • reporting
  • contract and compliance monitoring

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