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Success Story

Elizabeth CarolElizabeth Carol, Senior Management Analyst in the Development Services Department, was struggling with health issues. She was 150 pounds overweight, had borderline high blood pressure, and at her heaviest, was a size 26. Elizabeth was tired all the time, self-conscious about her weight, and never wanted to be photographed.

Read more to find out what she decided to do about it.


Telephonic Wellness Coaching

lady wearing a headsetDid you know that UnitedHealthcare offered telephonic wellness coaching? Wellness coaching addresses the unique needs of individuals to change behavior and prevent chronic disease.

Through the Wellness Coaching Program, you have access to certified wellness coaches who will help you create a personalized action plan that helps you reach your goals. This one-on-one coaching program integrates phone- and mail-based communications with the online interactive health programs available on Wellness coaches provide specialized support that helps you stay on track with your plan.

For more information about or to sign up for the Wellness Coaching Program, call 1-800-478-1057.



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