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Application FAQs Continued

I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?
Once a closing date has passed, applications will not be accepted or considered. Please continue to visit the website and apply for new positions as they become available. You may also want to complete a Job Interest Card.

I applied for a position two months ago, but still see it posted. Should/Can I apply for it again? How long does my name stay on the list of eligible candidates?
You only need to apply for each job posting once. The application system will not allow you to submit multiple applications for the same position. Your name will remain on the eligibility list until a selection is made for a particular position.

If I previously submitted an application, will I be considered for other positions?
No. You must submit an application for each posting that you are interested in.

Can I add/change information on my application after it is submitted?
Once your application has been submitted, changes may not be made to that application; however, you may edit, update and/or make changes to your application before submitting it for any future positions.

How do I change my contact information?
Visit and click on the "Check the Status" link to log into your account. Click on the "Edit" button next to the saved application. Once the application is open on the screen, click on the "Edit Personal Profile" link; make changes and save the application. When you apply for another position, your information will be updated. If you need to update your contact information on an application that has already been submitted, select the "Submit NEOGOV Question" option and send us an email with the updated information.

I was filling out my application, and I lost all of my information. What happened?
You may have used the "Back" button (located on your toolbar). Using this button will remove all of your data. Save your information periodically to avoid losing it.

Who will see my application?
All of the information submitted through the online application system is on a secure web server. Only the City of San Antonio's Human Resources Department and the department to which you are applying to are authorized to review your application.

How do I know the City has successfully received my application?
After you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation. You can also check your account to verify that you have successfully submitted your application.

How do I check the status of my application?
To check the status of your application, visit and click on the "Check the Status" link to log into your account.

I submitted my application. What happens next?
If your qualifications meet those posted for the position, your information will be sent to the hiring authority/department for further review.

If you do not qualify for a position that you have applied for, you will be notified. You can contact the Human Resources Analyst who sent you the notification by calling (210) 207-8705.

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