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111 Soledad, Suite 10000
San Antonio, TX 78205

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Visit the City of San Antonio's Human Resources job listings for current career opportunities with Metro Health.

Openings with the Metro Health team are posted periodically and can be found in the department category under "SA Metro Health Dist" in the Main Job Vacancy list.

Positions are also sometimes available in the Executive, Managerial, and Temporary Job Vacancies.


Metro Health coordinates training opportunities with local universities, as well as area medical schools for the placement of student interns for practical experience and public health overview rotations and programs.

Metro Health also supports local military training centers through medical student rotation programs with the Residents in Aerospace Medicine (RAMs), Air Force and Army medical and nursing students.

  • Public Health Orientations - providing an orientation of public health strategies to address community needs.
  • Medical Rotations - based on institutional needs these rotations include orientations, tours and support projects ranging from two weeks to six weeks in length.
  • Program Internships - hands-on experience with clinical and/or community outreach efforts of Metro Health.
  • Volunteer Opportunities - the community based nature of several of our programs affords the opportunity for volunteers to assist in the public health sector through promotion and support of Metro Health programs and services.

For additional information send us an e-mail.

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