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Food Licensing & Permits FAQs
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First you must have access to a location that is zoned for that activity. Complete the City Certificate of Occupancy requirements at the Development and Business Services Center at 1901 S. Alamo. Clerks are available to assist you. Finally, purchase a Food Establishment License at the same location. If you need more information, download the “Small Business Resource Guide” from the City's Economic Development Department or contact Hugo Villarreal, Small Business Liaison at 210.207.3903 for assistance.

No. This is a direct violation of State law, City health codes and City zoning codes.

Expenditures vary considerably. You have to consider rent, utilities, labor, equipment, supplies, maintenance, and City Food Establishment License [fees]. If you need more specific assistance, call Hugo Villarreal, Small Business Liaison at 207-3903 to meet with a business counselor.

Call 311 (210.207.6000).

Yes, but to do so you must operate on commercial property. Obtain a notarized letter from the property owner that:

  1. grants you permission to conduct your fundraiser at the location
  2. grants access to restrooms on property

Take notarized letter to Development Services Center, 1901 S. Alamo, to purchase a temporary food establishment license at least three (3) days prior to the event. You do not need additional permission to operate a temporary event from nearby restaurants, grocery stores, or other food establishments to have a temporary food event license. However, for mobile vendors, see [question 6].

You are required to obtain a Mobile Vending License for the vehicle. To obtain one, first read the City Ordinance [requirements.]

You must drive the vehicle, which requires a license, to the DBSC to get the vehicle inspected before the license can be issued. To sell at a fixed location, it must be a commercial property, with a notarized letter of permission from the property owner that also grants access to restrooms on the property. You must also have notarized letters of permission from any licensed food establishment that is within 300 feet of your mobile vending unit.

No. This is a direct violation of State law, City health codes and City zoning codes.
Visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website to get a copy of the Texas Food Establishment Rules (PDF).
Read about what is legally harvested wild game.
Inquire or complain about over the counter drugs.
Get answers to questions about federal food safety.

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