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  • The lemonade stand must have a responsible adult to oversee the entire day’s operations.
  • Lemons should be thoroughly washed before cutting and squeezing.
  • The water used to make the lemonade should come directly from a tap or bottle. DO NOT use the water from a garden hose or similar source.
  • Ice used for consumption must be from an approved source. Ice shall be held in bags until used and dispensed properly. Use a utensil with a handle such as a tong, scoop, cup, or ladle to dispense ice.
  • It is recommended that each lemonade stand shall have the following items present in the booth during operating hours:
    • A hand washing station with clean water. This station should include a clean water container with a spigot, filled with potable water, and catch basin to hold the wastewater until properly disposed. Soap and paper towels for hand washing.
      Facilities for trash: Plastic bags or metal or plastic waste receptacles with lids.
      A scoop for dispensing ice.
  • The booth shall be kept clean during the day’s operation. All dirty water from handwashing must be disposed of in a sink or other drain. DO NOT pour the water on the ground or into the street.
  • Materials used to make the lemonade and all disposable cups should not be stored on the ground.
  • More information regarding food safety.

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