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About the Neighborhood Engagement Program

Metro Health selected the ABCD approach in its efforts to reach inner city neighborhoods with the highest health disparities.

In relation to childhood obesity prevention strategies at the neighborhood level, this local approach can build support systems to strengthen existing strategies and increase ownership and participation.

One local community health worker/ promotora works in each of the ten neighborhoods and is tasked with identifying community resident leadership within the neighborhood. A Resident Leadership Council formed in each neighborhood is trained by the health worker to co-facilitate community asset mapping. Asset mapping is the participatory process by which residents identify their neighborhood assets, which would include individuals, agencies, and physical assets.

The community health workers will then assist the residents in co-producing an individualized community health asset assessment and action plan for each neighborhood. Residents that are passionate about healthy eating and active living will be supported with resources from Metro Health to plan and initiate childhood obesity prevention strategies at the neighborhood level.

About Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

The ABCD approach that starts with discovering the assets and gifts already present in the community and asking residents to share their gifts and connect with people with the same passions to act collectively and provide care. This is in stark contrast to the traditional role that residents play, that of a recipient of service- a client, customer, or patient. By acknowledging residents’ skills and identifying their existing resources, their roles are expanded beyond clients to include serving as advisers and helping institutions provide more useful services.

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