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About the Smoking Ordinance

The San Antonio City Council voted to make additional changes to the public smoking ordinance in 2011. The full content of the ordinance is located in the City Code, Part II, Chapter 36. It is also available as a document file on this website.

The changes to the smoking ordinance took effect August 19, 2011. Major changes are summarized on this web page, however the City Code should be consulted for full details.

Indoor smoking will be restricted in all restaurants, bars, gaming facilities, entertainment venues, and places of employment. Ashtrays and other smoking-related items must be removed from these areas. Indoor smoking will not be regulated in private clubs as described in the Ordinance, retail tobacco stores, hotel/motel rooms designated for smoking, and private residences except when used as child, adult, or health care facilities. Smoking may still be allowed in outdoor areas unless prohibited by the ordinance.

Outdoor smoking will be restricted in San Antonio Zoo facilities and grounds, all outdoor sports arenas, stadiums, and amphitheaters, all pavilions and playgrounds in city-owned parks, and within 20 feet of all outdoor public transportation stations, platforms, and shelters under city authority.

Signs are required to designate non-smoking areas. When a facility is exempt from smoking restriction, signs must be used to designate smoking is permitted and include mandatory warning message provided by the City of San Antonio: Tobacco smoke causes cancer, heart and lung disease, and can harm your baby.

Examples of “No Smoking” and “Smoking Permitted” signs that comply with the new ordinance are available for free by downloading the document files.

For Businesses and Facilities

Metro Health’s Food & Environmental Health Services provides information and assistance to businesses on ways to comply with the smoking ordinance. Call 210.207.8853 or email for assistance.

The brochure for Businesses and Facilities Affected by the Smoking Ordinance describes the changes and how to comply with the regulations.

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