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Episode 11
City Manager, Sheryl Sculley discusses budget highlights, the tax rate, property taxes, new officer, fire and EMS positions along with city growth, VIA funding and audience Q&A.
Episode 10
City Manager Sheryl Sculley discusses the upcoming FY 2018 City Budget Proposal to council and the SASpeakUp campaign that is committed to engaging residents in the budget process.
Episode 9
City Manager Sheryl Sculley discussing the City's Women's Leadership and Mentoring program and the role of women in the workforce.
Episode 8
City Manager Sheryl Sculley and City Engineer Mike Frisbie discuss the overwhelmingly approved, $850 million bond program and the six propositions that will improve the city infrastructure.
Episode 7
City Manager Sheryl Sculley discusses the proposed bond program and the upcoming state legislative session.
Episode 6
SAPD Chief William McManus discusses police reform.
Episode 5
City Manager Sheryl Sculley and Councilman Joe Krier discuss the City's efforts to secure a non-stop flight from San Antonio to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.
Episode 4
City Manager discusses ethical culture & transparency at City Hall.
Episode 3
The City Manager discusses "The Decade of Downtown San Antonio".
Episode 2
The City Manager discusses her ten year tenure with the City and her role as city manager.
Episode 1
City Manager Sheryl Sculley discusses the newly adopted FY2016 Adopted Operating and Capital Budget and Collective Bargaining negotiations.