Neighborhood & Housing Services Department

Divisions & Staff


Office of the Director

Staff Title Email
Verónica R. Soto, AICP Director Contact the Director
Richard Keith Assistant Director Contact the Assistant Director


Fiscal Administration

Staff Title Email
Cynthia Dittrich Fiscal Administrator Contact Fiscal Administrator
Gloria Alvarado Fiscal Manager Contact Fiscal Manager
Vanessa Sanchez Administrative Assistant I Contact Administrative Assistant I
Gilbert Flores Fiscal Analyst Contact Fiscal Analyst
Yvonne Pelayo Fiscal Officer Contact Fiscal Officer
Angie Stewart Sr. Customer Service Representative Contact Sr. Customer Service Representative


Grants Monitoring & Administration

Staff Title Email
Laura Salinas Grants Administrator Contact
Angelica Garcia  Admin Assistant II Contact
Patricia Santa Cruz Senior Management Analyst Contact
Valerie Perez Management Analyst Contact
Natalie Zertuche Management Analyst Contact
Sylvia Esparza Compliance Manager Contact
Nicole Freeman Compliance Lead Analyst Contact
Jesse Jimenez Compliance Senior Analyst Contact
Christian Anderson Compliance Senior Analyst Contact
Kimberly Flowers Contract Manager Contact
Christopher Todd Folmar Senior Management Analyst Contact
Celina Gonzalez Management Analyst Contact
Michelle Farley Management Analyst (Temp) Contact

Housing Policy

Housing Policy Unit

Staff Title Email
Christopher Lazaro Housing Policy Manager Contact the Housing Policy Manager
Maria Villalobos Administrative Assistant I Contact Administrative Assistant I
Ramiro Fernandez Planning Coordinator Contact Planning Coordinator
Erika Ragsdale Planning Coordinator Contact Planning Coordinator
Iris Duran Sr. Economic Development Specialist Contact Sr. Economic Development Specialist

Housing Services

Housing Services Unit

Staff Title Email
Barbara Ankamah Burford Neighborhood Renewal Manager Contact
Janette Ocasio Housing Loan Officer Contact
Mario Gutierrez Housing Loan Coordinator Contact
Gracie Martinez Housing Loan Coordinator  Contact
Myrna Esquivel Senior Management Coordinator Contact
Abraham Diaz Construction Contract Officer Contact
Cynthia Saldivar Communications Services Specialist Contact
Willie Villarreal Sr. Environmental Assessor Contact
Daniel Martinez Environmental Assessor Contact
Carlos Pena Environmental Assessor Contact


TIF Unit

Staff Title Email
Nancy Sheppard Economic Development Manager Contact
Diana Rosas Administrative Assistant I Contact
Albert Gordon Economic Development Coordinator Contact
Fedra F. Chapa Sr. Economic Development Specialist Contact 
Richard Ramirez Sr. Economic Development Specialist Contact
Jim Shale Sr. Management Analyst Contact
Sylvia Rivera Management Analyst Contact

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