San Antonio Park Police


The Park Police Training Academy consists of a staff of four full-time Park Police staff. One Training Academy Sergeant commanding the unit, two full-time Training Officers, and an administrative assistant. Park Police Academy classes are instructed by the full time training officers as well as ten adjunct instructors used a necessary.

Sgt. Garcia The academy's mission is to train the officers, supervisors and civilian employees of the San Antonio Park Police. The academy is also responsible for insuring that each Officer as well as the agency as a whole, conforms to the training requirements of the State of Texas and the City of San Antonio. In addition to training agency personnel, the academy is also responsible for providing initial and annual training to police officers from the City Marshall’s Office of the Municipal Court.

Park Police, like all Peace Officers of the State of Texas, are required to meet on-going training standards. Park Police receive both initial and annual training through the San Antonio Park Police Training Academy. ll Park Police Officers attend, at minimum, forty hours of training each year. This includes State mandated courses, firearms training, as well as other law enforcement related training designed to enhance the skills and efficiency of our Officers. Newly hired Park Police Officers are required to attend an intensive thirteen week advanced training academy, followed by a ten week field training program.

The San Antonio Park Police, in conjunction with the San Antonio Airport Police, operate an advanced academy for all newly hired Park Police Officers and Airport Police Officers. The new hire academy is a 13-week advanced academy that is mandatory for all newly hired Park Police and Airport Police Officers. The Advanced Academy picks up where Basic Academies end, and covers such topics as Report Writing, Public/Community Relations, Penal Law, Police Tactics, High Performance Driving, as well as State mandated courses such as, Cultural Diversity, Crises Intervention Training, and Advanced Firearms Training and Qualification.

The academy provides officers and supervisors with information and research services for questions on laws, procedures, rules and regulations. It also maintains training records on all personnel, and accomplishes many other tasks as assigned by the Park Police Captain.

Training StaffThe position of Park Police Instructor is a specialized position within the Park Police Division. Instructors are appointed by the Park Police Chief, upon the recommendation of the Park Police Training Commander, and the immediate supervisor of the applicant. Police Instructors in the State of Texas must meet specific prerequisites as set forth by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). This includes a specified level of experience and the successful completion of a TCLEOSE approved Basic Police Instructor’s course.