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Park Closures


6/26/17 Pearsall Splah Pad New!

The Pearsall Splash Pad is closed for maintenance, we apologize for the inconvenience. Cool off at any of our 23 outdoor pools




Northampton Park: 

Northampton parking lot will be closed Saturday - Sunday for restriping of the parking area.  Park will still be accessible from the Converse side of the park.


Brackenridge Park:  

Park area by the zoo and bridge are under water. Red Oak is under water just off of Mulberry, and barricades have been set up on both ends.


Mission Reach:

Espada Park Closed

Conception trail, the bridge that connects to central flooded.

Crossover Bridge behind mission sports park.

Trail behind padre park.

Espada to acequia  low water crossing.

Brown properties by under 410 on the trail.

Cominocaulatica low water.



Kids playground at Rosedale Park closest to the YMCA will be closed on 11/5/16 during the Arbor Day

 Volunteer Tree Planting event for re-mulching. Tentative opening time is the same day after 12:00pm. 



Elmendorf Park Park will be closed beginning on Monday, April 28, 2015, for a major

improvement project. The park is estimated to reopen Dec 2016. More information coming






6/14/17  (Trail Update)

Salado Creek Greenway just below LBJ Park at the low water crossing due to high water flow along the creek.


4/27/17 Apache Creek (Maintenance Closure)

Due to the SAWS sewer replacement project,  Apache Creek Trail will be closed at Escobar Park starting the week of May 1, 2017 and will last about 3 months. The westbound trail will stop at Amistad Park. 


1/13/17 Salado Creek Greenway (Maintenance Closures)

The Salado Creek Greenway Trail through Martin Luther King Park will be closed January 13 for approximately 1 year as the park undergoes a series of enhancements. Signs are posted noting construction ahead and a detour path. 


1/5/17 Medina River Natural Area (Maintenance Closure)

Due to construction,  a small section of the Laurens Lane Hike and Bike Trail will be closing. The closest trailhead is located at Ira Lee and Laurens Lane. The closure is located approximately 700 feet from this trailhead heading North. The construction will commence on January 23 and the trail will be reopened on February 22.

1/5/17 Medina River Natural Area (Temporary Event Closure)

Medina River Natural Area greenway will be closed at Land Heritage Institute gate Jan. 20-22 to make way for an equestrian event. Signage will be up to help re-route patrons. 


12/5/16 Trails and Parks closed due to flooding:

Salado South: Badger St/ IH 10 parallel to creek underwater.


Water Loop Trail at Hardberger Park

This trail is currently undergoing maintenance. It will remain open but there may be large equipment or uneven surfaces at times.


Leon Creek Greenway

Leon Creek Greenway (2.2 miles from Ingram Road to W. Military Dr.) – The trail will be closed under Loop 410 and southward to Military Drive (including the trailhead parking area at 8802 W Military Drive) until approximately May of 2017 due to TxDOT construction of the Loop 410 bridge.  Please communicate to staff and the public not to enter the TxDOT construction area.


Please call 311 to report closed locations not reflected in this report



All natural surface trails are impacted by foot traffic, and the impact on these trails is magnified when they are wet. People leave depressions and ruts on wet trails, and this can result in permanent damage in the form of erosion and trail widening. Every centimeter of soil that gets washed away due to erosion takes 200 years to be replaced. The best environmental management practices as well as a concern for patron safety require that trails be closed when they are wet. Friedrich Wilderness Park is joining the San Antonio River Authority, Government Canyon State Natural Area, and other state and national parks, in implementing a policy of closing wet trails. Please help protect our natural resources by obeying trail closure signs. Your cooperation and understanding will help preserve Friedrich Wilderness Park for future generations.




Monday, June 26, 2017