Reservations & Permits

Reservations & Permits Overview

Please Note

If visiting the Ron Darner Parks and Recreation Headquarters to reserve a park facility, please note that payment by credit card is temporarily unavailable. We appreciate your patience at this time as we work toward a new online reservation and registration system. Meanwhile, we are only able to accept payment by cash or check to obtain a park permit until the new system is ready. A check will be issued for any security deposit refunds and sent through the mail.
Thanks again for your support as we strive to provide greater options for our patrons and increase online accessibility.

Film Permit

Get Creative San Antonio is responsible for issuing the film permits.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is permitted in selected City parks by permit only.

Mobile Stage Rentals

The Parks and Recreation Department has mobile stages available for rental.

Reservation How To

The San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of facilities suitable for special occasions.

Woodlawn Vending

The City of San Antonio has a vending program for Woodlawn Lake Park that allows for vending.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017