Park History

Rosedale Park still carries the name it was given in 1892 when a surrounding real estate development by the same name was first established. At that time, the park covered only 1.7 acres in the middle of the 60-acre Rosedale subdivision.

Development of two neighborhoods, Rosedale Park and Lake View, was planned by an East Coast real estate company that built streets, dammed Apache Creek to form Elmendorf Lake, and proposed to extend a street car line to the area. Because of a nationwide depression in the 1890s and slower than expected growth in San Antonio, these ambitious plans were unsuccessful in bringing residents to Rosedale Park A new owner bought the land in 1911, but in spite of his efforts, Rosedale Park never developed as originally planned.

Finally, beginning with the Model Cities program in the 1960s, redevelopment began in the area and the park was enlarged. By the 1980s, the small park had grown to 60 acres and today, Rosedale Park includes almost the same area originally planned for an entire subdivision.