Annexation Program

Annexation Program

On December 4, 2014, the City of San Antonio directed the Department of Planning and Community Development to initiate annexation for five annexation priority areas in 2015 and 2016: IH-10 W, US 281 North, IH-10 E, Hwy 151, and Hwy 90/Loop 1604. The areas are based on the evaluation criteria established by the City’s annexation policy adopted in 2013, encompass 66.47 square miles and have a population of approximately 117,517. The proposed annexation would protect the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and the quality of development through the extension of zoning and city codes, expand the city’s economic vitality by providing certainty and predictability, preserve the U.S. military missions through land use controls, facilitate long range planning in environmentally sensitive areas and growth centers, and enhance the City’s overall regional economic position in bringing new jobs, population, and investment to the region. 

On June 15, 2016, in City Council “B” Session, staff presented an alternative annexation scenario that recommended the annexation of the US 281 North area in two phases, and the IH-10 West area. IH-10 East was not recommended for annexation, and other options are being studied for this area. The annexation process is detailed below:

Interstate Highway 10 West

The City would provide services to the 15 square mile area that contains commercial, residential, agricultural and vacant uses on the 37th month from the date City Council approves a three-year Municipal Annexation Plan that would lead to full purpose annexation before October 8, 2019. During the three years prior to the final full purpose annexation vote by City Council, residents will remain in the extraterritorial jurisdiction, will not pay property taxes, will not be zoned, and residents will not vote in municipal elections. Once a municipal annexation plan has been adopted, written notification is provided to the property owners and public entities. Current public services provided to the area are inventoried, and a service plan is developed for a proposed annexation, and two public hearings are held. The area must be annexed by the 37th month. If the annexation is not completed, the City may not annex the area for five years.

US 281 North (residential)

The US 281 North residential area is proposed to be placed in a three-year Municipal Annexation Plan. This 11 square mile area contains primarily residential and vacant properties. This action will need to occur to negotiate a non-annexation agreement to correspond with the expiration of the Lumbermen’s Investment Corporation non-annexation. The proposed effective date to consent to voluntary annexation is 2034. Once a municipal annexation plan has been adopted, written notification is provided to the property owners and public entities. Current public services provided to the area are inventoried, a service plan is developed and two public hearings are held. Bexar County Commissioners Court will appoint five representatives to negotiate the terms of the non-annexation agreement, called a “Services in Lieu of Annexation” Agreement. The agreement would be considered by the Planning Commission for recommendation and City Council for approval. The anticipated City Council consideration date for a “Services in Lieu of Annexation” Agreement is March 2, 2017.

US 281 North Corridor (commercial)

The US 281 North commercial corridor is proposed for annexation under Chapter 43, Subchapter C-1, “Annexation Procedure for Areas Exempted from Municipal Annexation Plan.” This corridor is 1.9 square miles, consists primarily of commercial and vacant properties, and has fewer than 100 tracts on which one or more residential dwellings are located. Notification is provided to property owners and public entities. A service plan is developed, and two public hearings are held. The effective date for the full purpose annexation is December 31, 2016, when city services will be provided to the area and city taxes will begin being assessed. 

Hwy 90/Loop 1604 and Hwy 151 areas

Staff will continue to analyze areas for possible annexation.

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Dates/times may be subject to change. Updates will be posted at:

Location for Planning Commission and Zoning Commission meetings: The Cliff Morton Development and Business Service Center, located at 1901 South Alamo Street, is wheelchair-accessible to persons with disabilities. Accessible parking is located at the front of the building. Auxiliary Aids and Services are available upon request (Interpreters for the Deaf must be requested forty-eight [48] hours prior to the meeting). For Assistance, Call 210.207.7268 Voice/TTY or 711 (Texas Relay Service for the Deaf). Language interpreters are available at the meeting. For more information call 210.207.6044.

Location for City Council meetings: Municipal Plaza Building, 114 W. Commerce. The building is at the southwest corner of the intersection of W. Commerce and S. Main. If you would like to speak at the City Council public hearing, please sign a roster located outside the chambers. You must sign up BEFORE the beginning of the hearing, so please arrive at least 10 minutes early. This meeting site is wheelchair accessible. The Accessible Entrance is located at the Municipal Plaza Building / Main Plaza Entrance. Accessible Visitor Parking Spaces are located at City Hall, 100 Military Plaza, north side. Auxiliary Aids and Services, including Deaf interpreters, must be requested forty-eight [48] hours prior to the meeting. For assistance, call 210.207.7268 or 711 Texas Relay Service for the Deaf. Closed captioning is available on broadcasts of the Council meetings on 21-TVSA.

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