Comprehensive Plan

SA2020 opened discussions with San Antonians about the future vision for the City. It reinforced an understanding of the community’s desire to support economic development and new jobs while fostering community arts, education, health and culture. 

During COMPplan2040, residents will be made aware of the importance of how the City’s Comprehensive Plan will help implement the visionary goals of SA2020. Our approach to San Antonio’s Comprehensive Plan Update effort includes the following ten policy areas:

  • Growth & Urban Form
  • Transportation & Connectivity
  • Housing
  • Green and Healthy Neighborhoods & Communities
  • Public Facilities & Community Safety
  • Historic Preservation
  • Military
  • Natural Resources & Environmental Sustainability
  • Jobs & Economic Competitiveness
  • Implementation/Codification Actions

The DPCD COMPlan Team embraces community engagement as a critical organizing element of a Comprehensive Plan process. 

Recognizing the potential for broad controversy, as is typical for other cities in a Comprehensive Plan update, our role is to listen to and learn from the community, to provide professional advice and education where needed, and to organize the community to implement the SA2020 Vision and define issues, provide context, and identify and explore alternatives.

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