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Small Business Liaison

The Small Business Liaison is an initial point of contact for all business-related and regulatory information.  Located at the Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center, the Small Business Liaison assists approximately 1,500 existing and aspiring entrepreneurs every year with licensing and permitting questions and referrals to technical assistance resources available to small business owners.

Business Empowerment Program

The Small Business Empowerment Program, minority and women-owned businesses are vital to San Antonio’s economic health, to general business expansion and to the community at large. Nevertheless, at certain stages of development, these small businesses need the support of a knowledgeable team.

Bonding Assistance Program

The Bonding Assistance Program is designed to help businesses repair or build credit to become bondable, dramatically increasing the potential of being awarded contracts from the City of San Antonio and other government or private entities.

Mentor Protégé Program

The Mentor Protégé Program is s great way for a start up to grow into a strong business.  If your business is already on the right track, being a Mentor means giving back to the community, while building on your own business practices to help your mentor.

Doing Business with the City of San Antonio

There are a few steps to getting your small business ready to do business with the City of San Antonio.


The Economic Development Department (EDD) uses community resources and incentive programs to provide the catalyst for employment generating investments by the private sector.

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Small Business Resource Guide

Small Business Resource Guide
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Register Your Small Business
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Small Business Advocacy Committee

Small Business Advocacy Committee
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