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  • Mike Frisbie, P.E.
    Director and City Engineer
  • Anthony Chukwudolue, P.E.
    Assistant Director
  • Razi Hosseini, P.E.
    Assistant Director
  • Christie Chapman
    Assistant Director
  • Arthur Reinhardt, P.E., C.F.M.
    Assistant Director
  • Nefi Garza, P.E.
    Assistant Director

Vision Zero Initiative

Together, we can achieve zero fatalities on our roadways because every person in our community matters.

Vision Zero establishes that the loss of even one life or serious injury on our roads is unacceptable. Through Vision Zero, the community shares the responsibility for ensuring the safety of people in our community. The responsibility for roadway safety is shared between those who design the road and those who use the road. Every person in our community matters, and we can achieve Vision Zero together. 

Vision Zero San Antonio PSA


The recent number of people walking and biking being killed in San Antonio has also brought to light the need for action. The current crash picture illustrates that the problem is citywide and requires a multi-faceted approach. The City of San Antonio led by the Transportation & Capital Improvements (TCI) along with partner agencies is committed to enhancing safety in San Antonio. Recent efforts have emphasized our commitment to the community through strengthened programs and implementation. We believe that the key to success in achieving Vision Zero is a combined approach using the five essential elements for a safe transportation system: Education, Encouragement, Engineering, Enforcement and Evaluation.


Communicate the importance of safety for all on our roadways, whether a person is driving, bicycling, walking or riding.


Encourage all to practice safety and follow all traffic laws.


Construct improvements to enhance safety and accessibility along crosswalks, walkways, and bikeways.


Enforce traffic safety and continue to support safety initiatives such as Click It or Ticket It, Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving, and Distracted Driving.


Evaluate traffic safety efforts and implement improvements as needed.

In 2014, there were 45,208 motor vehicle crashes in San Antonio. Of the 45,208 crashes, 138 were fatal crashes. In 2014, 54 people were killed while walking and 1 person was killed while bicycling in San Antonio. Of the 54 people killed while walking, 94% were adults, and 74% of these fatal crashes involving people walking occurred between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am. The goal to achieve zero fatalities on public roads is an endeavor that all cities must strive for and San Antonio is no exception.

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SA Tomorrow

Become a part of SA Tomorrow! SA Tomorrow is an innovative, three-pronged planning effort to guide the city toward smart, sustainable growth. The SA Tomorrow approach includes EVERYONE, especially YOU, and will address issues of importance to the entire community including transportation, jobs, housing, air and water quality, and energy efficiency. Please join us as we explore the future, plan to accommodate this growth, and preserve our resources and quality of life.

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