Transparency SA Data Portal Overview

The Total City Budget

The FY 2018 Proposed Budget is $2.7 billion and is comprised of three parts: the General Fund, Restricted funds and the Capital Budget.

What is the total City's Budget?

FY 2018 Total City Proposed Budget $2.7 Billion

The General Fund Budget

The City’s largest operating fund is the General Fund with a $1.19 Billion Adopted Budget in FY 2018.

Where does the money come from?

FY 2018 General Fund Adopted Budget
$1.19 Billion

($ in Millions)

Where does the City spend the money?

FY 2018 General Fund Adopted Budget
$1.19 Billion

($ in Millions)

Chart of budget
How To - Tutorial

Navigating through the Transparency Data Portal is easy. Take a few moments to learn how to view budget and historical financial data in easy to understand formats. Click below to begin the tutorial.

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Watch the How To - Tutorial video in English or Español.

Transparency SA Data Portal

Financial transparency is important to all citizens. The Transparency SA Data Portal is a tool to explore the City’s financial data. Use it to understand the sources of revenue for the City and how that money is spent. Begin exploring the tool by clicking below.

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