Historic Preservation (OHP)
Vacant Building Registration Program

In June 2014, City Council adopted the Vacant Building Registration Pilot Program. This program was created through OHP’s collaboration with Development Services Department (DSD), Center City Development and Operations Department (CCDO), and Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD). Focused on spurring revitalization and improving and creating a safe environment, this program establishes a higher level of accountability for property owners to maintain vacant buildings.

Vacant buildings can become health and safety hazards, diminishing the overall quality of life of the community and neighborhoods.

Common Problems with Vacant Buildings
  • have a high incidence of code violations
  • attract vagrants and criminal activity
  • draw and harbor vermin
  • vulnerable to fires

These properties also represent disinvestment in the area and can hinder job creation.

Learn more about the Vacant Building Registration Program.

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Vacant Building
Registration Program

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