World Heritage Ambassador Program

World Heritage Ambassador Education Program

Mission Statement

The World Heritage Ambassador Education Program exists to train local tour guides in the details and complexities related to the World Heritage inscription process, including the authenticity and integrity of the five San Antonio Mission sites and surrounding Buffer Zone. The development and stewardship of the World Heritage Ambassador Program is an outgrowth of San Antonio’s World Heritage Office as part of the World Heritage Work Plan to enhance the visitor experience.


World Heritage Ambassadors will be able to provide visitors with general information about World Heritage and key information about the San Antonio Missions World Heritage Site. World Heritage Tour Guides will share their knowledge about the outstanding universal value of the San Antonio Missions and the UNESCO World Heritage designation in context of San Antonio’s history and community.

  • Share information about World Heritage and the outstanding universal value of the World Heritage Site Missions and the San Antonio River
  • Communicate the depth, complexity, and importance of the World Heritage inscription process 
  • Explain the infrastructure built to support the Missions 
  • Encourage participation in activities, programs, and amenities located within the World Heritage Buffer Zone 
  • Explain the concept of intangible culture 
  • Describe the authentic traditions of San Antonio
  • Must be a Certified Tourism Ambassador with a valid CTA Member number (found on CTA card)
  • Register and successfully complete the Online Program with a passing grade of 70%
Benefits of Completing the Program
  • CTAs who complete the World Heritage Ambassador Program will earn 20 points toward their annual recertification.
  • Upon successfully passing the online program, the World Heritage Ambassador will receive a certificate of completion from the World Heritage Office. 
  • World Heritage Ambassadors will receive an official World Heritage Ambassador pin. 
  • World Heritage Ambassadors are part of a distinguished group of hospitality professionals who play a key role in ensuring a consistent portrayal of facts as they relate to the Missions.
Program Structure and Annual Requirements

All World Heritage Ambassadors are required to renew their Ambassador Certification annually and complete two (2) World Heritage tours for one or more people within the calendar year. CTAs will be eligible to receive 20 points once per year for successful completion of the course. World Heritage Ambassadors who have successfully completed their training are expected to conduct at least two (2) World Heritage tours per calendar year and can receive CTA points upon submission of a short questionnaire with the following questions:

  • Date of tour
  • Number in the party, with age range and ZIP codes 
  • Missions visited 
  • If applicable, what part of the San Antonio River Walk and/or acequia system was visited? 
  • What could we do to improve the content to better assist you with your next tour? 
  • Suggestions for improving the overall experience

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