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On October 19, the World Heritage Office provided City Council an update on the World Heritage work plan that included proposed land use amendments and next steps developed through community input. On November 3, a Resolution was approved by City Council which authorized City Staff to bring forward the proposed amendments to the Planning Commission and to City Council for final action. If the proposed amendments are approved by City Council, then the process to align zoning with approved land use designations will commence in 2017. Any recommendations will be brought forward to Zoning Commission and to City Council for consideration.  

A critical component of the World Heritage Work Plan is to update relevant neighborhood plans to reflect the desired and appropriate development goals for the areas surrounding the missions.  In February of 2016, the City hosted a symposium to identify the existing assets in the community, gather ideas and create a dialogue regarding the land use and sensitive development, as well as discuss how to balance the reverence of the missions with the various opportunities that exist with the World Heritage Site designation. During the Summer of 2016, the City hosted a 30 day open house to allow the community to review the proposed land use amendments based upon feedback received from the February Symposium.  Two community meetings were held on September 20 and 24 to gather further feedback. The community and property owners provided information to develop updated recommendations for the following neighborhood plans: Lone Star Neighborhood Plan, South Central Community Plan, Stinson Airport Vicinity Land Use Plan, and Heritage South Sector Plan. 

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proposed land use Changes (updated 10/04/2016)


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