City Flag Header

The City of San Antonio’s official flag was designed in 1935 by William Herring, deputy commander City flag of the Texas Department of United War Veterans. Herring designed the flag for the national convention of the United Spanish War Veterans being held in San Antonio that year. The original design featured the Alamo superimposed in the center of a white Lone Star of Texas. The Lone Star shined from a field of one-half blue, representing loyalty, and one-half crimson red, which represents the blood that courses through the veins of every loyal Texan. Originally, the words "San Antonio" and "Texas" were printed across the top and bottom of the flag.

City commissioners unofficially adopted the flag in 1935 and two copies were made, one for City Hall and the other for the Chamber of Commerce. However, no action was taken to formally adopt the flag’s design until 1976. In 1992, the City was informed that it was no longer acceptable to have words on a flag. City Council passed a resolution to alter the flag’s design to the more practical design that is used today.