How a Meeting is conducted

A typical City Council meeting begins with the calling of the roll by the City Clerk to ensure that a quorum (at least six members) is present. The Mayor then calls the meeting to order. Following an invocation and stating of the Pledge of Allegiance, City Council begins the official business of the meeting agenda by considering Individual Items followed by Consent Agenda Items. Items for Individual Consideration usually merit a detailed staff presentation. Consent items include routine items such as the purchase of equipment and supplies; capital improvements; or other similar items. Councilmembers may pull certain Consent items for individual discussion or staff presentation. During the meeting, Time-Certain Items, including public hearings may be conducted and considered at their posted times or as soon as possible thereafter.

At any time during the meeting, the City Council may recess into Executive Session. Upon returning from a lunch break, the Council continues to consider agenda items not completed during the morning.