Pet License


You can now register your pet online in accordance with City law. Click here to get your pet's required City license today!

Pet Data



Your pet’s license is their ticket home should they get lost. If your lost pet comes into one of the area animal shelters or even a veterinarian’s office, their license tag could make the difference in whether they can get home to you!

Pet License Fees

  Dogs Dogs Cats
  Spayed or Neutered Unsterilized Spayed, Neutered or Unsterilized
1yr $5 $50 $5
2yr $10 $100 $10
3yr $15 $150 $15

Because current rabies shots are required for all pets per both City and State law, proof of this important vaccination is required in order to get your dog or cat’s license.

Having a good contact phone number (or two!) will allow us to contact you if your pet comes into the shelter.

Remember! Licensing your pet is the Law and failure to get your pet licensed can result in a hefty fine – up to $250!