Ethics Advisory Opinions - 2002

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Ethics Review Board
Number Date Questions
009 March 19, 2002 Whether a lawyer who is a former City official may be retained by the City to perform work on behalf of the City prior to the two-year limitation described in Part C of the Ethics Code of the City of San Antonio.
010 December 19, 2002 Whether a grant awarded pursuant to the guidelines of the Community Grant Program by the San Antonio Conservation Society to a City employee or official, as those terms are defined in the Ethics Code of the City of San Antonio, violates the Ethics Code.
City Attorney's Office
057 January 9, 2002 Whether a City employee may teach classes at local colleges and universities and related question.
058 September 9, 2002 Whether the Neighborhood Action Department may provide funding to a former City official through its Environmental Protection Agency Brownfield’s grant funds.
059 April 29, 2002 Whether a member of a City Commission may promote an event sponsored by a client before the Commission and/or City staff providing support to the Commission.
060 May 2, 2002 Whether a City employee may run for Fiesta Mud Queen.
061 May 9, 2002 Whether the employer of a commissioner on the San Antonio Housing Authority may contract with the SAHA under the Ethics Code of the City of San Antonio.
062 May 13, 2002 Whether a business owned by a member of the GKDA may contract with the City of San Antonio.
063 May 28, 2002 Whether an employee of the City who also serves as the Executive Director of Keep San Antonio Beautiful may attend meetings as the director on City time and other related question.
064   Withdrawn.
065 May 30, 2002 Whether, upon termination with the City, an individual may provide consulting services to the City of San Antonio.
066 September 9, 2002 May a director of the Small Business Economic Development Advocacy Advisory Committee (SBEDA) obtain a loan from San Antonio Local Development Company (SALDC)?
067 September 9, 2002 Does the City Ethics Code permit a member of the City’s Affirmative Action Advisory Committee to volunteer in a political campaign for a state office?
068 September 17, 2002 May a former Director of the San Antonio Local Development Company (SALDC) sell a business to a buyer who seeks financing for the purchase from SALDC?
069 September 18, 2002 Whether an employee of the Neighborhood Action Department can participate in City’s Lead-Based Paint Program

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