The following forms may be used in implementing the Ethics Code. These forms are provided in Microsoft Word format.

Form Name


Discretionary Contracts This form must be filed by persons or entities seeking award of city funded discretionary contracts to disclose ownership, lobbying and campaign activities.
Disclosure of Benefit If a person who requests official action on a matter knows that the requested action will confer an economic benefit on any city official or employee that is distinguishable from the effect that the action will have on members of the public in general or a substantial segment thereof, he or she shall disclose that fact in a signed writing to the city official, employee, or body that has been requested to act in the matter, unless the interest of the city official or employee in the matter is apparent.
Financial Disclosure Form to be filed by certain City Officials and senior staff.
Gifts to Closely Related Persons Form to be filed by certain City Officials and staff to report gifts received by relatives.
Lobbyist Activity Report Quarterly report form to be filed by lobbyist.
Lobbyist Registration Lobbyist (Initial and renewal) registration as required by Section 3 of Part E of the Ethics Code.
Lobbyist Termination Report to be filed by a lobbyist upon termination of lobbying activities.
Gift Reports Other City Employees Disclosure of gifts by designated city employees as required by Part G, Section 6, of the Code of Ethics
Petition for Declaratory Ruling Form for City Official or city employee to request a declaratory ruling under Part H, Section 9, City of San Antonio Ethics Code.
Recusal and Disclosure Form for reporting and documenting recusal by a city official or city employee.
Short Form Annual Report A form to document no change in status during the reporting period.
Sworn Complaint of Ethics Violations Any person (including a member of the Ethics Review Board or its staff, acting personally or on behalf of the Board) who believes that there has been a violation of the ethics laws may file a sworn complaint with the City Clerk.
Travel Reporting Requirements Any person who, in connection with his or her official duties, accepts a trip or excursion involving the gratuitous provision of transportation, accommodations, entertainment, meals, or refreshments paid for by a person or entity other than a public agency must file with the City Clerk, before embarking on the travel, a disclosure statement.