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Building Standards Board (BSB)

The San Antonio City Council approved the San Antonio Property Maintenance Code (SAPMC) and Building Standards Board (BSB) ordinances on May 5, 2011. The SAPMC governs minimum property maintenance standards in order to improve the overall quality of life for the citizens of San Antonio.

The Building Standards Board (BSB) became effective January 1, 2012. The BSB is a citizen-based board and includes 14 members appointed by City Council. Ten members are appointed by City Councilmembers one by the Mayor, and three are appointed at-large. The three at-large appointees and the Mayor’s appointee are prescribed for the following categories: single-family rental property manager, multi-family rental property manager, commercial rental property manager, and historic preservation professional. On April 18, 2013 the City Council adopted an ordinance to amend the criteria for the commercial rental property manager position to include architect, engineer or other design professional. The BSB consists of two panels of seven members. Each panel hears and rules on violations of the San Antonio Property Maintenance Code (SAPMC) and summary abatement appeals. Property owners are allowed to appeal a SAPMC Notice of Violation to the BSB based on issues of interpretation, intent, and application of code requirements. The BSB may issue civil penalties for failure to comply with the SAPMC. The panels also rule on cases related to the repair or demolition of unsafe structures. Each panel holds a hearing twice per month unless otherwise indicated. Meeting dates are the first and third Thursdays for Panel A, and the second and fourth Thursdays for Panel B. Meetings are held at the Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center, located at 1901 S. Alamo St. Location and times of meetings are subject to change and can be verified with the liaison. Please contact the liaison for more information.

Mr. Richard G. Acosta District 1 11/03/2011 05/31/2015
Ms. Evelyn Brown District 2 01/01/2012 05/31/2015
Mr. David H. Delgado District 3 04/03/2014 05/31/2015
Mr. Richard W. Zagrocki District 4 11/03/2011 05/31/2015
Mr. Mark R. Potter District 5 11/21/2013 05/31/2015
Mr. Jesse Zuniga District 6 01/01/2012 05/31/2015
Mr. Joseph Diaz District 7 05/29/2014 05/31/2015
Mr. David L. Jureczki District 8 01/01/2012 05/31/2015
Mr. Michael R. Howard District 9 03/21/2013 05/31/2015
Mr. Clayton H. Perry District 10 05/08/2014 05/31/2015
Mr. Moises A. Cruz Mayoral 01/01/2012 05/31/2015
Mr. William G. Curtis At Large 11/21/2011 05/31/2015
Mr. Stuart Johnson At Large 11/03/2011 05/31/2015
Vacancy At Large   05/31/2015

Total Members for Building Standards Board: 14

Please contact the liaison for more information. Liaison: Amanda Esparza - 210.207.5422

SAPMC Ordinance (Adobe PDF) Current Agenda
SAPMC Development Process Past Agendas
New Building Standards Board Frequently Asked Questions
The San Antonio Property Maintenance Code (Effective January 1, 2012) Scope of Work and Example

Board Vacancies
New Web-based Application for City Boards

The SAPMC Booklet is for sale ($16.98) at the Community Link Centers and for viewing at the San Antonio Public Libraries.