Important Notice to Applicants of
Boards and Commissions
that are More than Advisory in Nature

Members of Boards and Commissions that are More than Advisory in Nature and their Family Members are Prohibited from Having a Financial Interest in a Contract with a City

Please be aware, the City Charter and the City Ethics Code prohibit members of the city's more than advisory boards and commissions, as well as their close family members and any businesses they or their families hold a 10% or greater ownership interest from obtaining a contract with the city during their board or commission service. The prohibition extends to subcontracts on city contracts, and would also apply to parent, subsidiary or partner businesses owned by the member of the board or commission and their family. Please see Section 141 of the City Charter and Section 2-52 of the City Ethics Codefor complete information.

Former members of more-than-advisory boards and commissions, their family members and the businesses they own will continue to be prohibited from obtaining many discretionary contracts for one year after leaving city service. Please see Section 2-58 of the City Ethics Code for complete information.

Please note that any contract in place at the time the applicant becomes a city officer may remain in effect, but cannot be amended, extended, modified, or changed in any manner during the officer's city service on the more-than-advisory board.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of the City Attorney to request to speak with the Ethics staff - 210-207-8940.

 I affirm that I have read and understand this notice.