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City Hall
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283
Office Line: 210.207.7278

Eastside Field Office
Claude Black Community Center
2805 E. Commerce - Suite# 30
San Antonio, TX 78203
Field Office Line: 210.207.0950

Eastside Field OfficeTemporary Relocated to
NE Service Center
10303 Tool Yard (Building 2)
San Antonio, TX, 78284.

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  • Derek Roberts
    Chief of Staff
  • Natalie Saavedra
    Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Ryder BilloEmail Ryder Billo
    Marketing & Communications Assistant,
    City Hall
  • Patti Puente
    Senior Executive Secretary
  • Demonte alexander
    Director of Communications & Special Projects, City Hall
  • Milee Ray
    Director of Neighborhood Engagement, D2 Field Office
  • Christina Cuellar
    Intern, D2 Field Office
  • Sami Garza
    Intern, D2 Field Office


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Warrick's Corner, District 2's monthly podcast will cover current happenings in the community along with insight on the future plans for the district, and feature special guests from the community who strive to make the quality of life better in our neighborhoods.

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Warrick's Corner
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