City's overall service delivery satisfaction level improves for residents

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San Antonio residents increased their approval rating of City services according to the results of the 2012 community-wide survey. The City of San Antonio conducted its third community-wide survey through an independent consultant, ETC Institute, and the results indicate the City continues to move in a positive direction by increasing its overall City service delivery satisfaction level to local residents.

The percentage of residents who rated the overall quality of City services as "excellent" or "good" increased from 65 percent in 2010 to 69 percent in 2012, a 4 percent increase. The City's overall satisfaction rating is higher than several other large cities in Texas, including Dallas (61 percent), Houston (52 percent), Fort Worth (58 percent), and Austin (65 percent).

San Antonio residents were asked to rate the City on the delivery of its major City services, and their perception of the local community. Residents were also asked for input on how budget priorities for funding of City services should change. The survey was administered in both English and Spanish to a random sample of 1,011 residents by traditional land lines and cell phone numbers.

"We are making incremental positive strides in the delivery of City services to our residents," said City Manager Sheryl Sculley. "The survey data gathered provides City departments with resident feedback that assists in prioritizing new and existing programs. We are committed to improving our customer satisfaction levels with residents and will focus on needed areas of improvement over the next two years, as well as enhance services with high levels of satisfaction by our community."

The major services that residents felt were most important for the City to provide were police safety services, public works services, fire and emergency medical services, and health and social services.

The major categories of City services that had the highest overall levels of satisfaction were: fire and emergency medical services (90 percent satisfied or very satisfied), public library services (88 percent satisfied or very satisfied), solid waste services (79 percent satisfied or very satisfied) and the San Antonio International Airport (79 percent satisfied or very satisfied).

The City of San Antonio will continue to conduct a biennial city-wide Community Survey in order to ascertain satisfaction with City services and its programs. To view the complete 2012 community survey results, visit the City's website at Residents can also view a copy at any of the City's branch libraries. For more information, please call (210) 207-7234.

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